True beauty, in the Japanese ideal, is a harmony of spirit and form : an outer reflection of the inner self. The Japanese philosophy is the source of the name Shiseido. The Japanese characters could be rendered as " praise of the virtues of the earth, which nurtures new life and brings forth new values ". The words are a reflection of the company a pioneer in combining eastern aesthetics and sensibility with western science and business practices. Tradition joined with technology, oriental restraint expressed with occidental flair.

More than a hundred years of cosmetics experience has given Shiseido a unique expertise in creating products developed with the most advanced technologies. Indulge in a world of skincare, makeup and fragrances that pair conclusive knowledge with an ongoing sense of well-being in unprecedented ways. Delicately fragranced and incomparably lightweighted, Shiseido’s textures instantly seduce our myriad sensorial receptors. Shiseido has developed as a truly contemporary company, consistently on the leading edge of wellness and beauty.

Shiseido has been a pioneer in researching a new way to think about perfumes, quantifying the power of scent on body and mind. This science, called Aromachology, is not only applied to fragrances but also to skincare products, evaluating the physio-psychological effects of perfume on physical and mental well-being.

Shiseido product lines, targeted for the needs of each individual skin type, help you realize your personal potential for beautiful skin. Incomparably lightweighted, Shiseido’s textures simultaneously delight the senses of sight, touch and smell. Each cream, each lotion is dedicated to pure, total and absolute cosmetic pleasure, thereby renewing our commitment to enhancing health, beauty and well-being through cosmetics.

About the company

The Shiseido company name, which can be translated as "praise the virtues of the earth which nurtures new life and brings forth significant values", was taken from "Yi King", a Chinese classic written about 2000 years ago. Shiseido was founded in 1872, four years after the Meiji Restoration. Arinobu Fukuhara, former head pharmacist to the Japanese navy, opened Japan's first private western style pharmacy on the Ginza, the cultural and fashion hub of Japan. Concerned with the poor quality of pharmaceuticals sold to the public, Arinobu opened the Shiseido Pharmacy to introduce western-style pharmaceuticals when herbal medicine was still mainstream. This avant-garde pharmacy, which was largely research and development oriented, grew to become one of Japan's oldest surviving companies.

The foundation of Shiseido laid over a century ago, its pioneering spirit that combines eastern aesthetics with western science and business technology, continues to live on today to serve as the underlying philosophy of Shiseido's corporate activities.
Shiseido established its Five Management Principles in 1921. These principles continue to form the basic philosophy underlying all Shiseido activities.

Quality First:Shiseido's constant quest for the highest possible quality standards has supported its activities for close to a century.
Coexistence and Co-prosperity: Shiseido seeks to share its benefits with all companies and individuals associated with Shiseido.
Respect for Consumers: Shiseido pursuits must be thoroughly consumer-oriented.
Corporate Stability: Shiseido must be built on a firm infrastructure with long-range goals.
Sincerity: Shiseido business transactions must be conducted loyally, honestly, and respectfully.

In 1897, Shiseido entered the cosmetic business with the launch of Eudermine. While most cosmetics were made from natural ingredients, such as loofah, Eudermine was based on a "scientific" formula with high efficacy derived from western pharmaceutical theory. Shiseido's "red water" was periodically improved with scientific advances and finally re-formulated and re-introduced in 1997 as Shiseido Eudermine. Shiseido's basic strategy for business is multi-branding meaning that the company makes contact with the consumer through several brands including the Shiseido signature brand.

Shiseido group owns several international cosmetics brands as Clé de Peau Beauté, Jean Paul Gaultier parfumes, Issey Miyake Parfums, Narciso Rodriguez parfums, Déclore, Carita, Nars and Zirh along Shiseido. The Shiseido Group, including affiliates, employs approximately 25,200 people around the globe. Out of the 8,500 persons employed by Shiseido overseas, less than 2% are Japanese nationals demonstrating Shiseido's firm belief in and actualization of assimilation with the host country. Shiseido has 11 factories overseas as of June 2004. Thre are in the America, 3 in France, and 5 in Asia/Oceania. Shiseido is the 4th largest cosmetics company in the world, present in 60 countries in the world including 24 in Europe.

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