Penhaligon’s’ adventure began in the Victorian era of discovery in 1870s, in London by William Penhaligon; an Englishman living in an age of excess and flamboyance, William was witty, wildly creative and always inspired by the unusual.

Hammam Bouquet, Penhaligon’s’ first scent, was dreamt up by William after inhaling the steam and sulphurous aromas of his neighbouring Turkish baths.

Appointed Barber and Perfumer to the Royal Court, Penhaligon’s has proven its prestigious quality, creativity and elegance by receiving plural Royal Warrants.

Today, Penhaligon’s’ scents scents are still made in England using the finest rare ingredients - from hand squeezed bergamot, to jasmine at twice the price of gold, while fragrances bottles are to William Penhaligon’s original design: clear glass with a distinctive ribbon-wrapped stopper. Visit a Penhaligon's boutique today and you'll find a portfolio of 35 unusual and distinctive fragrances: each designed to elicit a response. Soliflores, Orientals, Chypres: a palette of intense experiences that we are continually adding to.

You may access Penhaligon’s’ exceptional fragrances at selective point of sales with Vepa Group guarantee. 

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      Sayfa:2/2  Ürün Sayısı:2