• Riva, İstanbul hosted The New Balance II.Riva Half Marathon & 10K Run on September 18th, 2011 Sunday. This race was held by New Balance and Yarış Takvimi and is included in 2011 calendar of the Turkish Athletic Federation (TAF).
  • Nearly 700 atheletes nationwide attended the race in 10km and 21km tracks. The race started at 9.00 in the morning. In the run, there were five athletes in charge of speeding up the run. At the beginning of the run, they carried balloons on which their times were written.
  • The half marathon champion for men was Ozan Demir with his 1:09:49 degree and Bahar Doğan for women with her 1:20:41 degree. In 10K Run, the champion was Mestan Turan in men and Şennur Atlı in women.
  • The New Balance II.Riva Half Marathon & 10K Run was like a festival. Participants, with their families and friends had fun with various activities and they enjoyed the Model Group concert.
  • Now, there is New Balance Şanlıurfa Half Marathon& 10K Run to be held on 20th November. You may get detailed information on