• Located in the north of the Aegean Sea as the third biggest island of Turkey in Çanakkale Province, Bozcaada hosted the New Balance Bozcaada Half Marathon & 10K Run was held by Yarış Takvimi and New Balance on May 12th, 2012, with the contributions of Bozcaada Municipality and Bozcaada District Governorship, is included in 2012 calendar of the Turkish Athletic Federation (TAF).
  • Hosting approximately 3000 people in total - 1000 registered runners and other people accompanying the runners - New Balance Bozcaada Half Marathon & 10K Run claims its notable place in the history of Bozcaada. Many domestic and foreign athletes attended the international run.
  • Nearly 1000 atheletes nationwide attended the race in 10km and 21km tracks. The race started at 14.00. In the run, there were athletes/ pacemakers in charge of speeding up the run. At the beginning of the run, they carried balloons on which their times were written.
  • The half marathon champion for men was Sabri Kara with his 1:14:42 degree and Lütfiye Kaya for women with her 1:28:33 degree. In 10K Run, the champion was Aykut Taşdemir in men and Nursel Karataş in women categories.
  • One of the most gladsome aspects of the run was that the average rate of female footrace attendants in Turkey increased to 42% for the first time. Although athletes from Istanbul were in a majority, the run attracted participation also from other cities. In addition to individual athletes, several clubs and institutions took part in the run.
  • Now, there is New Balance Ankara Eymir Half Marathon & 10K Run to be held on 16 September 2012 ahead of us. Many athletes nationwide are expected to attend the race.
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