The choice of right person to the right job is the main philosophy at Vepa, for employment process.

The Human Resources Policy of VEPA has been constituted on the philosophy of " Work force is the most important asset ". The objective of Human Resources implementation is; to create processes to support the team work, the vision and the performance; to train with target to improve the individual and professional capability.


Right person for the right job is the main philosophy of the employment process at Vepa. Every application made to Vepa, is evaluated in secrecy with capability, qualification and competance criteria, according to the need of the job.

Performance and Career Management

The target of the performance system at Vepa is; by measuring the performance of the workers in many ways to set a healthy feed back process and to put in front, the team work performance as much as the individual performance. All the workers who are evaluated with the results of the performance evaluation, can try to obtain opportunity for organisational development. Workers can also be employed in different fields according to their experience, inclination and career targets in Vepa's structure.

Training Policy

The main target of training activity is to create a contructive corporate culture in ; being directed to quality assurance, taking the productivity important; being conscious about hygene, environment, health and work safety; being contructive in human relationship; and to commit all the workers to be part of this culture.

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