Onder Oztarhan


Born in Istanbul in 1972. Had his university degree from University of Massachusetts Amherst, he has been commissioned as "teaching assistant" at the same university. Started his duty in Vepa Cosmetics in 1996. In 2000 he became Vepa Sport Retail Manager; and Vepa Sport General Manager in 2002. He has executed Vepa Group Retail Chairman duty for 2 years in 2004. As of June 2006, he became Vepa Group Board of Directors Chairman. Besides Vepa Group, Ahmet Onder Oztarhan has duty in industrial and social associations. Between 2002-2004, he worked as the Member of Board of Auditors in United Brands Association. Between 2004-2005 he was the "Member of Board of Directors" in the same association and the Member of Publication Board in Hurriyet Look Newspaper. Currently he is the member of the same association for 2010-2012 session. He is married and has two kids.

Tuncer Oztarhan

Board Member & President of Cosmetics Group

Born in Istanbul in 1974. Had his university degree from Syracuse and Mount Ida universities. Started working as Vesco Cosmetics Product Manager under Vepa Group. Mehmet Tuncer Oztarhan has undertaken General Manager Assistant, General Manager duties, then became the Vesco Velar Cosmetics General Chairman. Currently, he is working as Vepa Group Cosmetics Group Chairman, Member of Board of Directors and General Manager. He is married.

Burak Oztarhan

Board Member

Born in Istanbul 1974. Had his university degree from Mount Ida University - Business Administration. He started working at Vepa Brush in 1999. Between 2003-2006 he worked as general manager assistant at Vepa Özak Cosmetics then as general manager and as head of strategic planning and developing department. Currently he is the Member of Board of Directors. He has a kid.